Carrier gas furnace error code 14

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Carrier gas furnace error code 14

Carrier gas furnace error code 14 means that the gas valve has failed, which means that the draft is shut off and the burner cannot be lit.

When a carrier gas furnace error code 14 occurs, it is crucial to understand what caused it as soon as possible. You might have to replace the igniter or electrical box or check for any other problem causing your burner not to work.

Carrier gas furnace errors 14 can come in different forms:

Error code 16: when you reset the button on the control panel doesn’t work

Error code 61: when you turn on the pilot light, and there is no flame

Carrier gas furnaces use a specific type of air (called the carrier) to burn fuel efficiently. The air needs to be heated before it reaches the burner. If an error code 14 is displayed on the furnace, then it means that the boiler and condenser are not working properly and will need to be replaced.

Carrier gas furnaces require heating before generating heat for your home or business. If no carrier is provided, you will see an error code 14 displayed on your furnace’s display screen.

Carrier gas furnaces generally have error codes that tell the furnace’s considered state.

The most common Carrier gas furnace error code, 14, indicates that the pilot flame is out. This will cause all gas heat to shut off and your furnace to completely shut down heating your home.

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