Carrier gas furnace error code 24

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Carrier gas furnace error code 24

Carrier gas furnace error code 24, also known as CCG24, is a furnace malfunction code that indicates a lack of heat, the pilot light has gone out, or something is blocking the fan.

Carrier gas furnaces have some safety features integrated into their design, preventing them from operating at peak efficiency. This safety feature may cause the furnace to produce pilot lights and low heat when these are not needed. Since it may be caused by an interruption in the power supply or an obstruction in the blower or other components of the furnace, this error code is often seen on older furnaces that were made before 2005.

Carrier gas furnaces are natural gas-powered appliances that use LPG as fuel. They operate off a piezoelectric igniter to start combustion once hot air enters via a burner in one of its main flue pipes.

Carrier Gas Furnace Error Code 24 is a common yet serious error code that indicates a potential problem with the burner. This error might be caused by a faulty gas valve or low pressure in the gas line. The most common cause of this code is an incompatibility between the controls and wiring.

In many cases, Carrier Gas Furnace Error Code 24 can also result from other problems, such as incorrect installation of the control board or damaged electrical wiring. If you are experiencing this error on your furnace, consult an HVAC specialist to resolve your issue.

Carrier gas furnace error codes identify a problem or issue with the furnace. Carrier gas furnace error code 24 indicates that there might be a problem with the pilot control.

Carrier gas furnaces are driven by compressed natural gas (CNG). The electric ignition process requires warm air to ignite the flame, so if adequate airflow cannot be provided, it will fail to ignite.

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