Carrier gas furnace error code 43

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Carrier gas furnace error code 43

Carrier Gas Company’s heating system error 43 means a problem with the burner assembly. The error code depends on the actual part, so it can be different from the furnace to the furnace.

Carrier Gas Company reserves Carrier Gas’s trademark for using the word “Carrier” to manufacture and sell gas to consumers for use in their home heating appliances. Sometimes when a consumer tries to buy gas from another company, they receive an unfamiliar error code or a different model number.

Carrier gas furnace error code 43 is a specific error code that you might see on the display of your furnace. This code means a problem with the burner assembly inside your furnace. Dirty or clogged oil filters, obstructed vents, or an oil pump failure can cause frequent occurrences of this issue.

Carrier gas furnace error code 43 may also occur if something needs to be done with the heating circuit. This usually happens when you interrupt power during the heating cycle while it is running. If you don’t want to make any changes yourself, call a professional service technician to help you fix this issue accurately and efficiently.

Carrier gas furnaces are equipped with a safety device which prevents gas leaks in the event of a malfunction. However, there are times when this device malfunctions and generates an error code 43.

An error code 43 generates because of physical damage to the furnace. Identifying the damage as soon as possible is important so you can have it repaired or replaced before any serious damage occurs.

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