e5 error code on Goodman furnace

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e5 error code on Goodman furnace

The e5 error code indicates that the furnace is not reading the furnace sensor. To diagnose this problem, a licensed HVAC technician should be contacted.

If you have an e5 error code on your Goodman furnace, it is important to get a certified technician to look at the appliance as soon as possible. Error codes are display messages that identify what is wrong with the unit.

The Goodman company has been making heating and cooling equipment for over ninety years and has been the leader in the HVAC industry for many decades. On their website, they offer a troubleshooter’s guide.

e5 error code on Goodman furnace is often caused by a failure of low-speed blower motor or failure of low-speed heat exchanger.

So, the first thing you should make sure before replacing any parts is the location of your furnace. And the second thing is that you need to find out which part is causing this error code issue and replace it accordingly.



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