Error code 3 on Goodman furnace

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Error code 3 on Goodman furnace

Goodman is an American company that specializes in residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment. One of the most common problems with Goodman furnaces is error code 3.

Error code 3 on a Goodman furnace can be due to many causes, a few of which are listed below:

-A dirty filter

-A dirty blower coil

-Excessive lint on outdoor unit

-Dirty or clogged condenser coil

-Low refrigerant in the system

If you have just installed a new Goodman furnace and get error 3, it can mean that the furnace needs to be pumped up.

An error code 3 is a problem with the thermocouple in a Goodman furnace that can affect either the ignition or the burner. This should be replaced to fix this problem.

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