Goodman air handler error code a06

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Goodman air handler error code a06

A Goodman air handler is a device that exchanges the outside air with the inside air using natural airflow principles. It is a popular choice in residential and commercial buildings, as it is energy efficient and cost-effective.

A Goodman air handler error code may appear if there are any problems with the control system or power supply. Different error codes correspond to different problems, so it could be a bit challenging to pinpoint what’s wrong without consulting an expert. Some of the most common errors include A06 (in this case) and A05, which refer to incorrect voltage levels on the coil sensor or improper wiring connections.

The Goodman air handler error code a06 is an error code that means the operation of the air handler is not consistent with what was commanded by the user. The input signal to the air handler was great, but it was inconsistent with what it should have been.

Several things can cause this error. The Goodman air handler can receive a poor signal from its remote control or malfunction because of a bad connection. It could also be that its circuit board is faulty or not connected in properly, which would cause this error code to appear every time it tries to run.

Goodman air handlers are used in residential and commercial buildings to provide heating, cooling and humidification. A blocked sensor usually causes goodman air handler error code a06.

A failure of a Goodman air handler will result in increased energy consumption, which can lead to higher utility bills.


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