Goodman air handler error codes

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Goodman air handler error codes

Goodman is a leading manufacturer of furnaces, water heaters and other HVAC equipment.

The company was founded in 1912.

Here is a list of Goodman’s error codes:

1) EO Er 1 – Unplugged or disconnected thermostat wire from A-B terminals or thermostat lead shorted to ground.

2) EO Er 2 – The thermostat is not working properly, defective thermostat or terminal connections at the thermostat.

3) EO Er 3 – Defective contactor coil, open or shorted to ground.

4) EO Er 4 – Defective gas valve.

5) EO Er 5 – Defective gas valve solenoid coil (voltage test at 24 VAC resistance should be 0 Ohms), open or shorted to ground/power source wire).

The Goodman error codes can let you know what the problem is.

It is important to use the knowledge of these codes to find the best solution to fix the problem.

The Goodman error codes will help you know what the problem with your heaters are and how to fix them.

Knowing these codes can be helpful when trying to troubleshoot a Goodman heating unit.

The error code will provide plenty of information, such as the problem’s location, which requires a professional service provider to resolve.

Error code: 001.

What it means: The heat pump is not getting electrical power

Problem location: The wiring or circuit breaker at the furnace is most likely faulty.

Problem resolution: Faulty wiring or circuit breaker at the furnace will need to be repaired.

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