Goodman furnace 1dl error code

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Goodman furnace 1dl error code

Goodman’s series of professional gas furnaces today have been innovated much higher than the range of models introduced in the past. While Americans and Europeans have enjoyed clear furnace conditions over the last few years, customers in other countries such as China, Japan and Korea that used to endure severe summer heat on their appliances can now enjoy them without any bother after purchasing one of Goodman’s finest models.

When the Goodman 1DL furnace was first introduced, it had 83 as its display code. This was not a standard error code and had to be negotiated. One day that changed.

Accidentally my husband had shut off our one day, then decided to come back and access the furnace remotely the next morning. Imagine his horror when after turning it on, we received an error code “goodman furnace 1dl error code ” . . . He thought he got a new, better model instead of the old one.

When a Goodman furnace asks for a single digit, the code for error code 1DL should be filtered and replaced.

When 10,000’s Goodman furnaces are running across the USA and Canada, it can be wise to be proactive when something like this happens. Sort out any errors early before there is any major occurrence on site. Simply replace 1DL with 323D in the manual code without a second thought!

Goodman FS will not operate while you enter incorrect codes, so no worries about damaging your fan or motor to fix them after the error has occurred.

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