Goodman furnace 1dl error code

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Goodman furnace 1dl error code

Goodman Furnaces are manufactured by the Goodman Manufacturing Company, one of the field’s leading brands. This company is located in Houston, Texas.

The Goodman 1DL Error Code appears on a digital display panel in front of your furnace when there is an issue with your thermostat system.

Goodman’s fully-featured line of furnaces is committed to delivering the utmost comfort for your home. But that doesn’t mean they come without some common problems.

If you see a 1DL error code on your Goodman furnace, it could be one of two things – either it is related to the gas valve, or it is related to the gas pressure sensor.

Goodman is a company that manufactures furnaces mainly used in the residential and commercial sectors.

According to Goodman, the 1dl error code means “defective heating element”. This furnace diagnostic error code is stored when a fault is detected in the heating element during the startup self-test.

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