Goodman furnace 6 flashes error code

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Goodman furnace 6 flashes error code

Goodman furnaces are a popular brand of heating equipment. They have been around since the 1800s and became a household name during the 60s and 70s.

A recent error code popping up on Goodman furnaces is 6 flashes, which indicates that the goodman furnace may have an issue with its burner module.

Goodman furnace 6 flashes is a generic error code you might encounter once. This article will provide an overview of this error code and what to do if it happens on your Goodman furnace.

If your Goodman unit has the 6 flashes error code, the furnace likely needs to be replaced.

Goodman furnace 6 flashes an error code indicating a water pump problem.

Poor water flow or inadequate pump speed is one issue that can be fixed by increasing the pump’s capacity. Another issue can be a clogged air filter or an air regulator. If your Goodman furnace is making 6 flashes, check for these problems first to avoid costly replacements in the future.

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