Goodman furnace error code 04

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Goodman furnace error code 04

It is an error code that is displayed on a goodman furnace to indicate a problem in the primary air sensing system.

A Goodman furnace is an air-cooled heat pump. It is designed to be energy efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

As with any heat pump, the indoor coil or “evaporator” is cooled by the indoor air circulating in front of it. If a leak develops and cool air can’t get to the evaporator, then heating and cooling will stop working until you get your Goodman furnace serviced and repaired.

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Error code 04 is a common issue that is faced by the users of Goodman furnaces. This error code occurs when the furnace has been running continuously for over three hours without oxygen. It is caused due to a faulty pressure switch.

This error code can be fixed by unplugging the unit, turning off the gas, venting out all of the air, and disconnecting power to it. After this, the user can reconnect power and turn on gas in order to reset it back to normal mode.

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