Goodman furnace error code 61

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Goodman furnace error code 61

Goodman, a company based in Thailand, released an error code for their 480v gas furnace on their Facebook page that seems to have caused some issues with the tech community. The question sounds like, “Can anyone explain the possible cause of an error code from a Goodman furnace being 61?”

“ERROR CODE: 61 might indicate that motor overload protection has fired. We recommend disconnecting all motors and waiting until the duty cycle drops before restarting.”

Household heating systems carry various advanced components, making them highly expensive and hard to maintain. To get rid of errors and

The error code 61 is generated when the fan is coming on signs to the circuit board because of the too-cold inside temperature. There are multiple possible causes for this error code, and Goodman furnace technicians found the most common causes in their study.

The normal causes for this error code are:

-The thermostat being unplugged from the power source

-Strange blockage in the exhaust chimney

-Poor AC drainage system drainage

-Child lock with/without keys can happen when the dehydrator method is enabled

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