Goodman furnace error code b3

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Goodman furnace error code b3

The error code b3 is common in gas furnaces but it may also occur in electronic furnaces.

The b3 error code is often displayed on the furnace control board and is a fault with the flame sensor. If a technician replaces the flame sensor and the code still appears, it may be that there was a need for replacement of an air sensor or gas valve as well.

A Goodman furnace error code B3 is related to the lack of combustion air. Combustion air is necessary for the furnace to work properly. When the furnace does not have enough combustion air, there is a chance that it will stop working properly and will display an error code b3.

You can see error code B3 when the thermostat is either not set or it has lost power.

Additionally, in some cases, the furnace will misread a high limit switch as being on and it needs to be reset.

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