Goodman furnace error code C2

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Goodman furnace error code C2

If your Goodman furnace is displaying the error code C2, it means that the furnace needs to be serviced or checked for the following reasons:

– Debris in the gas vent or gas pipe.

– Improper installation of the unit or missing parts.

– Disconnected or loose wires.

– Igniter not functioning properly.

– Heating limit switch doesn’t work properly.

The Goodman C2 error code occurs when a component in the furnace malfunctions or does not work properly. The error code could be due to a failed motor, an incorrect setting for the heat anticipator, or the buildup of lint in the vent valve.

Goodman Furnace Error Code C2 is a burn out of sensor 2.

Goodman furnaces use sensors to help them control the heat and air conditioning in your property. When the furnace senses that something is wrong with one of its sensors, it will display an error code. Goodman furnaces use the following codes:

-A1: The system was turned off by the thermostat.

-A2: The system was turned on by the thermostat and had a high temperature limit switch failure.

-A3: The system was turned on by the thermostat and had a low temperature limit switch failure.

-B1: There is no voltage in the power supply to sensor 1 or 2 which means that there is a power outage or break in power to sensor 1 or sensor 2.

-C1: Sensor 1 or 2 detected cooling cycle may be faulty due to dirty flame arrestor filter, faulty flame arrestor, dirty draft inducer blower

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