Goodman furnace error code list

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Goodman furnace error code list

The Goodman Furnace Error Code List is a list of codes that may appear on the digital display of your furnace.

If these codes are flashing on the screen, then it means that your furnace has an issue. It will be necessary for you to investigate why these error codes are present.

To avoid mistakes in diagnosing and potentially unnecessary service work, ensure you have the correct error code before calling for service.

Goodman furnaces are heating appliances that utilize gas or propane as fuel. If a Goodman furnace has an error code, the manufacturer recommends consulting the Goodman furnace error code list.

There are also furnaces with an “E” series error code that Goodman Manufacturing Company does not manufacture. This is due to the company’s decision to discontinue manufacturing E-series furnaces in 2008.

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