Goodman furnace error code p3

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Goodman furnace error code p3

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The Goodman Furnace Error Code P3 indicates that the furnace is not receiving power. The third digit in this error code indicates the power supply phase. For example: if the error code is P13, it would indicate a problem in Phase 3 of the power supply system.

This article provides an overview of Goodman Furnace’s error codes and steps to troubleshoot specific errors by type. It also provides lists of common causes for various error codes and discusses how to fix these issues so you can get your furnace back up and running quickly!

The Goodman furnace error code ‘P3’ means that the heating system detected a blocked air filter. The air filter may be clogged or damaged and must be replaced before the heating system can function again.

The Goodman furnace error code P3 indicates that the heater is not getting power.

Usually, this code will appear when there is a problem with the circuit board.

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