Goodman furnace reverse polarity error

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Goodman furnace reverse polarity error

There is only one way to solve the Goodman furnace reverse polarity error. One should remove the power supply, switch the wires around on the terminal block, and reconnect the power supply. This will reset the error code and should be followed by a check of all wiring connections.

Goodman Furnace Reverse Polarity Error is a service problem caused by reversing the terminals on the power supply.

The problem can be easily fixed by following these steps:

1. Disconnect power from the furnace and confirm there are no live wires around.

2. Remove screws to access the panel covering for a terminal block on the furnace.

3. Find “L” and “N” marking on the block and make sure they correspond with left and right, respectively.

4. Connect the 24-volt input wire to “L” terminal and ground wire to “N” terminal, then reverse those connections when you are done so they match how they were before you started working on them

This section will explore what a Goodman furnace reverse polarity error is, how to fix it and the dangers of reversing it.

How to fix a Goodman furnace:

1. Turn off the power to the furnace

2. Remove the wires from terminals T1 and C

3. Reverse the wires on terminals T2 and C

4. Put wires back on terminals T1 and T2 (in this order)

5. Turn the power back on


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